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International doctors program

Gothenburg´s Queen Silvia´s Childrens hospital NICU is providing excellence care for extreme preemies and sick newborns.

With around 12 000 inhouse deliveries a year as well as being referral centre for three level 2 units in the region it is one of the busiest neonatal services in Scandinavia. 

Queen Silvias Children´s hospital provides all paediatric subspeciality services including cardiology, cardiac surgery and general paediatric surgery

Want to work with us?

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If you are considering moving and practicing in Sweden, please contact us through this or Sahlgrenskas website (Button below). We would be intrested in getting to know you!


International fellowship program

If you speak the swedish language and are interested in completing your fellowship training in one of our hospitals in Gothenburg or Västra Götaland, please contact us.

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International resident and students

More info through the University of Gothenburg and IFMSA Sweden

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